One Change is a call to action to the event industry to embark on an action-based strategy to make one change a month in diversity, sustainability, accessibility and trading fairly. The programme provides the tools, ideas, framework and impetus to implement real change, one step at a time.

Why One Change?

Making one change a month sets an intention. It starts the process of learning and unlearning. Incrementally, single changes become something significant. They require us to actively and persistently think about what it would take to embed change so that it is sustainable, long-lasting and effective.
A board game depicting the show floor during a build up with a graphic in the background titles ONe Change

How to get started

One Change offers ideas to enable anyone in the industry to begin to make sustainable change. Choose from ideas that have already been tried and tested by event professionals under the topics of sustainability, accessibility and trading fairly.

Access to our One Change ideas is free, all we ask in return is that you submit any change you make and the outcome to us so others can learn from your own experience.

Thanks to our partners

  • Whitespace Group

Become a working partner of the One Change programme and demonstrate to the industry exactly what can be achieved - contact the team now.