We believe that you learn best when you get behind the scenes

Waht is Ops on Tour?

  • We go to a supplier, facility or venue and ask them to help us understand the workflow

  • We get our hands dirty and really experience how long it takes to fulfil the end result

  • And... we have a lot of fun. There is usually a bit of a competition, some networking and some nibbles!

Bywaters Flagship Facility on 2nd December

Go behind the scenes of the Bywaters facility - track waste from the exhibition floor to recycling output!

  • Understand the process

    Understand what zero to landfill really means! How waste is sorted, what treatments are used, what materials are best used, which to avoid and how to read between the lines.

  • Know your materials

    Arm yourself with knowledge of which 'sustainable' materials are the most easily broken down, how they are recycled and the real impact they have on the environment.

  • Green Guru Q&A

    Get in front of the people who really are in the know; A1 for the exhibition floor and Bywaters for the recycling process. Plan your questions now and build your network of contacts for the future!

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