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Introducing The Ops Foundation

The Ops Foundation is a unique, practical, four-day programme designed to give you the essential training you need to boost your career in event operations management. Brought to you by the team behind The Ops Nest, this course will give you knowledge across a broad range of specialisms. You'll learn from experts in each field, guiding you through all technical aspects, showing you where mistakes can be made and how to avoid them. This course is perfect for those who have some operational experience, preferably at an assistant or executive level in the exhibitions industry looking to develop their skills and competencies within the field of operations.

Whats included?

  • 4 days of high octane training for assistants & execs ready to level up

  • Develop your understanding of your role in the wider industry

  • Get building and grasp what it takes to create spaces within the showfloor

  • Venture into the subways and up into the rafters to understand the impact of decisions that are made

  • Work through a pathway for a forklift from A to B via all the obstacles to appreciate how a show site can run more effectively

  • Play Move In Mayhem and build a picture in your mind about how you can orchestrate smoother build and break phases for all!

Great feedback from the latest course

“"I put my Senior Ops Exec forward for the course as part of her progression plan to become an Ops Manager. As much as I’d like to think I can teach her everything she needs to know, you can’t deny the value of being taught by the best in the industry! ”

Head of Customer Success and Operations, Quartz Events

Catherine Beck

“It was great to see the team’s passion and enthusiasm during and following attendance. I genuinely believe anyone in the industry - be it organiser, venue or contractor - would reap the rewards by attending and gain a true understanding of the day-to-day challenges presented within the events industry. ”

Head of Event Management, ExCeL London

Jamie Harvie

“Rachael had been part of the team for just shy of 3 months before attending the Ops Foundation and completely new to Events and Exhibitions. Her confidence and knowledge since completing the course has increased 10-fold and I would encourage all of you to get on board and invest in your teams”

Operations Director, Rocket Global Ventures

Caroline Reeves

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