Why should you join The Ops Nest?

Sometimes its just easier to hear it from the horses mouth...

Want to hear from someone else?

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Who is it for?

Calling all those involved in the Operational Delivery of an event

Whether you are an organiser, contractor or a venue with either zero or 25+ years of experience, The Ops Nest is there to support you by providing consistent and relevant accredited training, access to industry experts and connections with your industry peers. We have some great mechanisms to cater for whatever time and inclination you have available so whether you have 30 minutes or 3 hours - we have options for you!

Whats included?

The Ops Nest offers masses of learning opportunities, direct access to experts, as much networking as you wish to undertake, mentoring and support on tap; including:

  • Monthly masterclasses

  • Weekly 'Lets Talk...' with industry experts

  • Peer-to-peer mentoring groups

  • Ops on Tour (when we can!)

  • Access to all Ops Nest resources and downloads

  • Ops Nest Live tickets for full members

  • 50% off OpsShaper Training Courses

Membership options

We have options for Full Membership which includes VIP tickets for Ops Nest Live! events, an Online Membership option for those of you overseas and a special rate if your company is paying!

Still not sure?

Here's what some of our current members think...

My company signed our team up!

Gaby Mendes

For me, enrolling in Ops Nest has been one of the few highlights of being in the Events Industry at this challenging time. I am especially grateful that my company have invested in a corporate membership for myself and my colleagues, it has definitely boosted morale in the team and allowed us to chat over COVID-19 challenges with more confidence. This is such an empowering community to be a part of and I already feel like I have learned so much from being a part of it in just a couple of months.

Currently a team of one...

Lauren Morrey

I secured my dream job just before lockdown, but in a small business, I am currently a team of one on the operations front; a lonely and somewhat stressful place to be in this current climate. The Ops Nest allows me to interact with like-minded professionals; we learn, we laugh and we rally together to navigate getting covid-secure and compliant events out of the door.

We can put our heads above the parapet...

Nicola Harrison

I think there is a tendency in the operations community for us to stick our heads down and just get on with the job in front of us, regardless of the difficulties. What the Ops Nest is providing is not only an environment where we can access structured learning resources but also a community where we can put our heads above the parapet and ask for opinions, give help and advice and share best practice with others who care about the events sector as much as we do.