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We are a membership community for venues, organisers, suppliers and contractors in the event industry to come together to learn, network, and collaborate. Enabling brilliance is at the heart of The Ops Nest with membership benefits designed to widen knowledge, expand experience and further a career in events.


The Ops Nest

Open to event professionals of all levels of experience, The Ops Nest membership facilitates structured monthly learning, weekly online meetups, access to industry experts, celebratory live events, a broad library of resources and an active event community.

Ops Foundation

Face to face learning

Ops Foundation is four dedicated days of pure high-octane, hands on learning for ops execs, administrators and those new to the industry looking to level up in the world of operations.
6 happy people with their arms in the air gathered around a forklift truck. All wearing high-vis vests.

Monthly Learning

The Ops Nest

Curated with subject matter expertise, Ops Knowledge enables ops professionals to expand their understanding, increase their skillset, assemble a toolkit of a guide, templates and checklists, and shape the trajectory of their future ops career.
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